Poser Orphans
Useful Poser bits that have been abandoned by their authors and released to public use

This site is maintained as a public service by basicwiz. If you have any candidates for inclusion, use the contact link at the bottom of the screen. All submissions must be of Poser materials that have BOTH 1) been abandoned by their creators AND 2) specifically released by the creator for public distribution.


All of these utilities were created by Snarleygribbley. Thanks to all who contributed the files to the archieve! All are python scripts. Unless otherwise instructed in the zip, unzip these to your Poser python scriptsmenu directory. They can then be accessed via the scripts menu in Poser.

My sincere thanks to Snarleygribbley for his assistance in getting these materials posted!!!

Debut Render  An IDL rendering script for use with Poser Debut 10.
EZCompile  A Python programmer's utility to make compiled versions (.pyc) of a script from source code (.py)
EZIcons  Another programmer's utility - used to make the Python code needed to embed graphics (icons) into a Python script so that it does not need to reference any external files.
EZMat  An extention to the Poser MAT room that allows for much easier material manipulations and the saving of created textures. Full documentation included. Does not work in Poser 11+.
EZMetals  A collection of easy to use, natural looking metal shaders.
EZSkin2  The scenefixer for figures in Poser 9 and 10. Sets up skin textures so they render correctly with all advanced Poser options engaged. Works in Poser 9 and 10 *ONLY* The Poser 11 Version is available at: http://snarlygribbly.org/snarlyspace/index.html
Keep Focus  Keeps Poser's focus from changing while using the Morph Brush.
Particles 3+  Enables particles in Poser. Updated to work in Poser 10 and PP2014.
PNG Maker  A vendor utility to make make PNG thumbnails for all the Pose files in a folder. It applies each pose file in turn and creates a thumbnail. You need to set appropriate render size and settings first. Not really finished, and not multi-threaded, but it works :-)
Pose2Lux  A Poser to Luxrender bridge program to allow Poser users to use the Luxrender engine.
Prop light
 Saves a composite prop consisting of a Light object and Prop object. Parent the Light to a Prop and use Proplight to save a .pp2 file combining them.
Prop Swap  An addon that lets you easly replace the currently selected Prop with a new one from the library, such that the new one takes the same position and orientation of the one it is replacing.
Scenefixer  This utility takes care of changing all of the settings in a Poser scene so they will work correctly with the Poser Gamma Correction option. In addition, it has a great many other uses, such as making dials visible, changing node names, deleting many items at once, spawning full body morphs and adding lights in an easy way. It is a "must have" utility for any serious Poser user. NOT for Poser 11+ *IF* you use the Superfly Render Engine. If you use Firefly, then it is not to be missed!
Snow Machine  Will deposit a couple of inches of snow on any Poser scene you create!
Subdivider  Increases the polygon count of Figures in Poser to allow for more detail in morphing. Similar to the Adjust Polygons function on Poser Pro Game Dev.

Web Sites

Dr. GEEP is a treasure trove of tutorials and explanations of all things Poser. It was abandoned by the webmaster in early 2015, and is hosted here by permission.


Victoria 3 Weight Mapped
          Created by JoePublic
The file requires RTE and V3 to install.

Adds weightmapping to Daz's Victoria 3 figure. The weight map is very well done and makes the figure bend very well. It does not affect conforming clothing, so no conversions are required.
David 3 Weight Mapped
         Created by JoePublic
This file reqires RTE and D3 to install.

Adds weightmapping to Daz's David 3 figure. The weight map is very well done and makes the figure bend very well. It does not affect conforming clothing, so no conversions are required.

Victoria 4 Weight Mapped
         Created by Alfaseed
This is not to be confused with the V4 weight map that is offered for free at RDNA. This is a simple injection file that adds weight maps to V4. They work very well, and have the advantage that they do not require clothing to be run through a converter.
Apollo Maximus                                     Created by Anton An alternative to M3. No longer supported. Includes some clothing and support files.

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